GARY MORGAN, Managing Director

31710d8-5Gary Morgan is managing director at MPT Innovation Group and founder and CEO at People Insights Group. An experienced board director and innovation and strategy leader, Gary Morgan has over 20 years experience as an executive and consultant developing and driving digital innovation, strategy, business performance, international collaboration, development and growth in organisations. Gary Morgan currently holds a number of directorships and board advisory roles at Point Duty, Skyborne Technologies, HealthXN and Frontier Networks. Gary has co-authored a number of papers that have been published in prestigious medical journals.

– Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology and an Honorary Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
– MBA and Graduate Diploma from Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Griffith University

SUSANNE BRANSGROVE, Advisory Board Member

3647bb7Susanne Bransgrove is passionate about supporting Family and Private Businesses to realise their full potential.  As a third generation of a German Family Business, Susanne’s personal story within her Family’s Business provides her with the necessary insight into what Families in Business  are confronted with on a daily basis and she combines this with her long term background in Banking and Finance, Business as well as Governance to bring a holistic education and advice model, supporting Families in Business as well as Professionals, who provide advice in this important sector.

As Managing Director of AMPLIFi Governance, Susanne successfully assisted families in business to establish boards that reflect the values and culture of the owners. More recently, Susanne has been researching and collaborating with family business specialists across the US and Europe to broaden her offering to include the establishment of Family Meetings or Councils for a more balanced approach to Family and Business Governance.  If you need appropriate Governance Frameworks for your Family Business, Susanne will be well placed to help you through this emotional journey.

– Graduate Family Business Directors Course from Family Business Australia, Bachelor of Business Degree from Queensland University of Technology, and Banking and Finance qualifications from Schulzentrum SEK II, Bremen

ROSS HANSON, Advisory Board Member

Ross-Headshot-150x150Ross Hanson has over 20 years experience in building innovation businesses from inception to successful enterprises. Ross has had major success in building national and global, publicly listed organisations including a SaaS software company, and founding of a specialist solutions integrator focused on delivery of ERP, MRP, CRM, BI and Mobility solutions to the manufacturing and distribution sector.  This business was built from the ground up and sold in 2005 to a US based listed company. As a Business Strategist, Ross helps business owners to realise the full value of their business immediately through growth strategies, innovation leadership projects, capital raising and also helps them with an exit strategy that ensures they get an exceptional return for the business they have built.

– MBA and Graduate Certificate from Griffith University

– Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors


Nicky Milsom is passionate about innovation, Nicky brings demonstrated expertise of building successful cross cultural and cross sectoral partnerships needed to deliver projects and take products to market. She has experience in major infrastructure projects, strategic and financial planning, educational assessment and delivery, combined with commercial nous and understanding of the challenges and rollercoaster ride of small company formation, evolution and growth. Nicky has extensive networks in the biomedical and engineering space. Demonstrated experience in business and commerce in Asia, including relationship management, particularly Japan and China (including JV entry and exit). Nicky has significant experience in managing a spin-off company including product development, contract negotiation, management of R&D projects and grants, capital raising, IP management, due diligence, financial management and commercialisation of new technology. Nicky is a Director of BioPharmaceuticals Australia.

– MBA from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Diploma from Institute of Education, London and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Sussex


unnamed-27Tyson Clarke is a strong minded executive business coach, sales trainer, inventor, and software developer. Using his background in psychology and sales training; Tyson works with pharmacy groups to remove prominent obstacles to increased sales in the current cultural climate. Tyson makes long term, profit based nudges in pharmacy; simply by adding scalable accountability, focused optimization, and by using his patented Voice Operated software platform Voista.

– Bachelor of Psychology Degree from Viterbo University, Wisconsin


Susanna Carman partners with boutique consulting firms in the innovation, culture and leadership sectors to help scale their impact with purpose and ease. She is a passionate project manager, designer, trainer and implementation expert bringing a combination of business skillset, leadership mindset and design thinking to her roles. Together she works with leaders of boutique consulting firms to combine their knowledge, capability and agency with her ecosystem of services, which include Virtual Project Management, Program Design, Facilitation & Training and Implementation Coaching.

Previous to her current career, Susanna worked as a consultant in both the arts and mental health. Her design expertise is grounded in fifteen years working as an entrepreneur in the creative industries packaging up product marketing, positioning and personal brand strategies as I.P. and selling it to regional arts bodies in the form of trainings and consulting services. She also worked extensively in the public and NFP sectors partnering with arts organisations, schools and mental health providers to design and deliver public trainings integrating arts, mental health and community building projects throughout northern and central NSW. Her broad scope of perspectives and proficiencies brings unique talent to the MPT team.

– Advanced Diploma in Counselling from Sophia College, Graduate Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Music Degree from Southern Cross University, and a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree from the University of Rochester (USA).

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