GARY MORGAN, Managing Director

31710d8-5Gary Morgan creates outcomes for his clients by helping them to develop their innovation and business strategies, capabilities and capacity to introduce new or improved product and service offerings, to create impact, grow their businesses and create value. Gary Morgan has over 20 years’ experience as a board director, executive, consultant and mentor developing and driving innovation, strategy, business performance, international collaboration and growth in organisations. Gary Morgan is Managing Director of MPT Innovation Group, Expert in Residence at the University of New England, Adjunct Principle Research Fellow at Flinders University, and has co-authored several papers that have been published in prestigious medical journals.
– MBA and Graduate Diploma from Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Griffith University

SUSANNE BRANSGROVE, Advisory Board Member

3647bb7Susanne Bransgrove is passionate about supporting family and private businesses to realise their full potential. Being a third generation family business owner, Susanne understands the complexities and challenges faced by families in business. Susanne founded Families in Transition in 2014 to provide positive change and to create the best solutions for families in business. Families in Transition supports family businesses throughout the transition process by creating a journey that the family can easily follow and embrace.

As a female business founder, Susanne understands the challenges associated with starting a small business and leaving the safety of paid employment. Families in Transition has developed a framework to support females in business to help them better work through the difficulties they encounter, as they follow their dreams of owning a business. Susanne’s passion and vision is to make a positive difference to her clients. Her vision is to invigorate female entrepreneurs and family and private businesses owners and support them in their journey. Susanne co-founded AMPLIFi Governance in 2010. As Managing Director of AMPLIFi, Susanne successfully assisted families and private businesses to establish good governance and boards that reflect the values and culture of the owners. Prior to this, Susanne had a successful career in the finance industry with executive roles at Macquarie Bank and ANZ in Australia, and Commerzbank Bremen in Germany.

– Graduate Family Business Directors Course from Family Business Australia, Bachelor of Business Degree from Queensland University of Technology, and Banking and Finance qualifications from Schulzentrum SEK II, Bremen


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