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Corporate Advisory Strategy, Innovation, Growth and Business Transformation


Advisory Services

Business & Research Innovation

Director & Expert Mentor

We have a unique blend of specialisations that set us apart. Our expertise lies in strategy formulation, fostering innovation, driving growth, enabling business transformation, facilitating commercialisation, and promoting entrepreneurship. We have a broad range of industry experience, including health tech, aged care, information security, agtech, and research.

For over 25 years, we have been partnering with businesses, entrepreneurs, universities, and not-for-profit organisations. Our objective is to assist them in innovating, launching new products and services, and scaling their operations to new heights.

What Makes Us Unique?

Implementation and Results

At MPT Innovation Group, we don’t merely devise a strategy or program and then disengage. We are committed to building enduring partnerships with our clients. Our focus is on the effective execution of the strategies we jointly develop, strive to achieve measurable results, and aim to create a lasting impact. Our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our clients, making their achievements our achievements. We are dedicated to helping our clients in achieving their objectives and creating sustainable impact and success.

Our Services

Since 2000, MPT Innovation Group has been utilising our hands-on industry experience and personalised approach to deliver actionable strategy development, innovation programs, and tangible business transformation results for clients across business, government, and research sectors. We believe that business strategy development, digital transformation, and innovation programs need not be overwhelming or complex. Our focus is on implementation and results, rather than lengthy reports and presentations.

What We Offer

We bring a fresh perspective, cross-industry knowledge, a readiness to ask challenging questions, and a commitment to delivering actionable plans. Our services are always customised, elegantly simple, and designed to harness your organisational strengths and delight your market.

How We Can Work Together

As strategy and innovation experts, we assist organisations in navigating the ever-changing business landscape and identifying new growth opportunities. Our data-driven approach utilises various frameworks and techniques to help organisations identify key improvement areas and generate new ideas.

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